A.Ray Hospitality – Success Story

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“Ctuit is a tool that gives you all of the information so that you can make the best decision possible.”

– Tom Perry, COO, A.Ray Hospitality

A.Ray Hospitality 

A.Ray Hospitality is a small independent restaurant chain founded by Austin Ray. When the economy turned, Austin had the foresight to lock in a great location with a great lease and created M.L.Rose. This success led to opening a second location five years later with three more slated in the next three years.

The Business Challenges

A.Ray Hospitality needed a labor scheduling solution. Ctuit’s RADAR Restaurant Management Solution was recommended by several other independent restaurants in their community for labor scheduling and more.

The Solution

A.Ray started the search for a labor scheduling platform and after comparing Ctuit to other scheduling platforms, A.Ray deployed Ctuit because ultimately, Ctuit provided a fully loaded solution at a lower cost. In addition to labor scheduling, Ctuit provides all the tools A.Ray needs to efficiently run their operations.

The Results

Labor Scheduling: A.Ray Hospitality’s GMs were hungry for Ctuit’s Labor Scheduling Module to ensure that the appropriate levels of staff are maintained. Within one month of using Ctuit’s platform, labor costs dropped 1.6% over the prior year. More accurate labor scheduling significantly contributed to the decrease in labor cost.

Dashboards: Dashboards are used daily by different levels of management. The President, COO and Director of Marketing have an executive team dashboard and the managers have a manager dashboard. This way, each group of users have the metrics that are most important to them (sales to forecast, sales to budget, etc.) at their fingertips.

Charting Notes: Record setting sales are recorded using chart notes. These notes can be referenced in following years to show best practices for increasing performance year over year.

Manager Log: The Manager Log is an effective communication tool at all levels. Managers can communicate shift information with each other, restaurants can communicate with owners, and tasks can be assigned to any user and followed up in the Manger Log to ensure follow-up and completion.

Product Mix Analysis: A.Ray recently had a new menu roll out. Using RADAR’s Product Mix reports, they were able to analyze a new menu item’s success. They are also able to determine future prep needs based on an item’s sales trend.

Forecasting: Reviewing forecasted metrics against actual activity, managers can now see if they are below forecast and react immediately by having sales contests, which have increased sales revenue.

On The Fly™: With the On The Fly™ mobile app, managers have more information readily available at their fingertips than they have had across systems in the past.

Training Videos: RADAR is intuitive to use and the training videos allow users to learn at their own pace. For example, those who have more experience with systems may adapt faster and begin investigating additional modules at an accelerated pace.

Client Services: Support has been outstanding. The implementation was flawless and even more straightforward than expected.

The A.Ray Hospitality team’s response to Ctuit has been terrific. Ctuit is giving them easy access to information that they have never seen before, which allows them to make informed decisions for success.

“Ctuit has helped create conversations between GMs and department managers that were never had before.” – Tom Perry, COO, A.Ray Hospitality