7 Reasons to Augment Your Menu for the Holidays

Written by Kristi Turner, CMO of Compeat for FastCasual.com  Restaurant sales can be hard to predict around the holidays with so many factors contributing to growth or decline. Generally, holiday restaurant sales tend to mimic retails sales. If that is true … Continued

Leveraging Data to Drive Profitability

Contributed by Dori Salisbury, SVP of Customer Success  In running a business, there are three basic levers that operators can pull to increase their bottom line.  You can grow sales, lower costs, or increase margins.  Pulling the right lever at the … Continued

Sprinkles Cupcakes Takes Control of Inventory

Written by Anna Wolfe for Hospitality Technology How many pounds of flour does it take to bake 12 million cupcakes a year? Sprinkles Cupcakes knows, thanks to its use of restaurant management solution Compeat to manage its inventory and accounting. … Continued

Inspire Workplace Diversity & Inclusion with These 3 Tips

Written by Jeff Stone, CEO of Compeat for CEOWORLD Magazine Creating a more culturally and gender-diverse workplace has been proven by McKinsey, Gallup and numerous companies around the world to improve business success. Still, many struggle to overcome gaps in gender and ethnic diversity when it … Continued

Lost in Translation

How I Learned to Manage Millennials to Increase my Retention Rate   More than one in three American labor force participants (35%) are Millennials, making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force according to a Pew Research Center analysis … Continued

Humanity in the Workplace

Contributed by Carol Dunnigan, SVP, People and Culture The restaurant industry is notorious for having outrageous turnover.  This causes many operators to become distant and treat staff as transient or temporary.  Why waste the time and effort on employees that are not … Continued