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Early Clock-ins Can Cost You Thousands of Dollars


Having your employees arrive a few minutes early for their shift can give managers peace of mind, but it also can really eat away at a restaurant’s profits.  While most employees clock-in when they arrive without giving much thought to … Continued

Using Business Intelligence to Run Your Restaurant

By Robert Irvine I have been in the culinary industry for over 30 years. I’ve seen lots of trends come and go. The only constants are these: quality food, great service, and an inviting atmosphere. If you’ve got those three … Continued

Human Resources Basics for New Operators

By Jennifer Day, Communications Manager Opening and running a small business is hard.  With all of the business decisions involved in getting your business up and running, many operators forget about taking the time to get your Human Resources (HR) … Continued

How to Retain Employees Through Conscientious Scheduling

Hiring and training employees is expensive – a fact made all the worse by the restaurant industry’s large turnover rate. Retaining employees can therefore prove instrumental in keeping costs low. One method of doing this is to improve on your … Continued

Building a Strong Team with Behavioral Based Interviewing

By Jennifer Day, Communications Manager More and more companies have come to rely on behavioral interview questions to determine if a candidate is a good fit.  Of course, you will still need to ask traditional interview questions to learn about … Continued

8 Steps To Help Rebuild Your Restaurant After a Natural Disaster

The last few months of 2017 have been plagued with natural disasters.  Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the wildfires of Northern California have wreaked havoc on countless homes and businesses in their paths.  According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency … Continued