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Developing a Winning Culture in Your Restaurant

One of the biggest factors in recruiting and retaining top talent is a company’s culture.  This is especially true of our restaurant industry.  In fact, a cultural misfit or lack of culture is often cited by restaurant workers as a … Continued

Managing Restaurant Staff

You and each of your managers will have your own ways of interacting with employees on a day-to-day basis.  One manager may be the “fun” one, another is an “absentee” manager that is always in the back office, and you … Continued

Training Restaurant Staff

We all know that the restaurant industry has a bad reputation for having incredibly high employee turnover.  This often leads managers feeling defeated, leading them to substandard training programs.  After all, why waste time training staff if they are just … Continued

The Restaurant Employee Handbook

The Ctuit Guide to Restaurant HR Basics:  The Employee Handbook Even though you have tried to hire the best people and would love for them to “just do their jobs” and “make good choices”, that is easier said than done.  … Continued

Building a Strong Team with Behavioral-Based Interviewing

More and more companies have come to rely on behavioral interview questions to determine if a candidate is a good fit.  Of course, you will still need to ask traditional interview questions to learn about the person’s past work experience … Continued

Hiring the Right People

Hiring the right staff is key to great customer service.  The issue for most restaurateurs is the high turnover rate that our industry sees.  But don’t let that scare you into hiring warm bodies just to get shifts covered.  In … Continued

Human Resources Basics for New Operators

The Ctuit Guide to Restaurant HR Basics:  Human Resources Basics for New Operators Opening and running a small business is hard.  With all of the business decisions involved in getting your business up and running, many operators forget about taking … Continued

Success Story: Fresh Kitchen by Robert Irvine

Fresh Kitchen by Robert Irvine is a first-of-its-kind eatery located within the Pentagon. It provides fast, fresh cuisine to eat in or take out in a setting uniquely suited to today’s busy Pentagon worker. Business Challenges Robert’s experience and passion … Continued

A Slice of Art: Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria Success Story

“…I have bought a lot of software, and working with Ctuit was by far the simplest and most fun I have had on an implementation.”  -David Glass, Director of Finance and Technology, Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria Based in Washington state, Brooklyn … Continued