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The Ctuit Guide to Restaurant Accounting: Best Practices

Keeping track of your cash flow can be daunting, but it is extremely important.  From a high level, you can estimate your cash flow with the following calculation: Net Income from your Income Statement + Depreciation – Principal Payments – … Continued

The Ctuit Guide to Restaurant Accounting: Budgets

Let’s make sense of all the Account types and terminology in the previous section by putting together a budget.  Budgets come in all shapes and sizes. The more detailed yours is, the better you can see where your money is … Continued

The Ctuit Guide to Restaurant Accounting: Overview

Despite spending hours in the office trying to sort out their finances, far too many owners do not understand why they are not making a profit. This is generally because they do not know exactly where their money is going.  … Continued

Developing a Winning Culture in Your Restaurant

One of the biggest factors in recruiting and retaining top talent is a company’s culture.  This is especially true of our restaurant industry.  In fact, a cultural misfit or lack of culture is often cited by restaurant workers as a … Continued

Managing Restaurant Staff

You and each of your managers will have your own ways of interacting with employees on a day-to-day basis.  One manager may be the “fun” one, another is an “absentee” manager that is always in the back office, and you … Continued

Training Restaurant Staff

We all know that the restaurant industry has a bad reputation for having incredibly high employee turnover.  This often leads managers feeling defeated, leading them to substandard training programs.  After all, why waste time training staff if they are just … Continued