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Ingredients for Prolonged Restaurant Success

The restaurant industry is vastly competitive. No matter the size, popularity or concept of a restaurant, there are competitors all around. These days, many restaurants fail to stay afloat amongst the new trends and marketing concepts. In an effort to … Continued

Expanding Your Restaurant Business

Once your first location is profitable and running smoothly, you might begin to consider expanding your business into a second (or even third, fourth or fifth) location.  It is often assumed that additional locations will open and operate exactly like … Continued

Increasing Restaurant Sales

We all want to increase our sales.  Getting new customers in the door is certainly one way to do this, but did you know that there are several ways to increase sales with your existing guests?  Below are three ways … Continued

Keeping Your Restaurant Relevant

Savvy business owners know that you must constantly improve your restaurant in order to stay relevant in this ever-changing market.  You need to always be aware of what the consumers want and where the industry is headed.  Make a point … Continued

Deterring Employee Theft

Unfortunately, in the restaurant industry where there is access to food, liquor and cash, there is often room for fraud. If left unchecked, this can have a detrimental effect on your business. There are many ways that employees can utilize … Continued

US Labor Laws and Regulations Compliance for Restaurants

Just as you would trust your health with a doctor, the government trusts restaurant owners with labor integrity. Did you know, in a recent article released by Restaurant Business Online, 95% of Restaurants in Austin, Texas, that were audited were … Continued

Managing and Retaining Restaurant Employees

In the Ctuit Guide to Opening a Restaurant, we talked about how to hire the right people (add link).  Now you need to know the best methods of how to manage employees and retain them. Employee turnover in the restaurant … Continued

Restaurant Purchasing, Ordering and Receiving

The Ctuit Guide to Running a Restaurant:  Ordering and Receiving If you can get through to your next ordering day with no leftover product, no spoilage, and not having to 86 any menu items, then you are winning at ordering.  … Continued

Restaurant Inventory Control

Inventory control is extremely important to a restaurant’s profitability.  Knowing your inventory and understanding how it moves can improve how you order product, reduce waste, and help deter theft. Yet, many operators find the inventory control process so time consuming … Continued

Controlling Restaurant Costs

Increasing sales is not the only way to improve your profitability.  You need to really work hard to find a way to cut costs as well.  The major areas to consider when making cuts are food and beverage, staffing, waste … Continued