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Opening Your Doors

Now that you have completed your new restaurant and are ready to go, you will want to start planning your opening day.  Before you start planning a major event, however, think about whether a soft opening would be a better … Continued

Pricing Out Your Menu

Restaurants are businesses, and like any other business, they depend on a delicate three-way balance between cost, quality, and price.  Unfortunately, pricing out menu items is a tedious task – one that many restaurant managers are willing to skimp on. … Continued

Choosing the Right Food Suppliers

Finding the right suppliers can feel like a daunting task.  After all, if they fail to deliver quality goods on time, it is your business that suffers.  A customer does not care that the meat truck did not come as … Continued

Creating the Schedule

Creating a schedule is about more than just covering shifts. Good scheduling processes can positively affect your customers, employees, and revenue. And while having adequate staff on hand to accommodate your guests is your first priority, keeping your staff happy … Continued

Hiring the Right People

Hiring the right staff is key to great customer service.  And while skill and experience are important, personality generally trumps experience when hiring restaurant employees.  You want to surround yourself by people who are driven, quick thinkers that can handle … Continued

Choosing a Point of Sale (POS) System

When shopping for a POS System, it is important to first consider your business needs.  This is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your business, so be sure to do a lot of research. Choose … Continued

Restaurant Accounting 101

One common reason that many restaurants fail is that they do not have the accounting skills to keep the business afloat. In such a low margin industry – especially when first opening – you need to be on top of … Continued

Opening Timeline and Checklist

Opening timelines will vary for each owner.  So much depends on the design, the concept, funding and more.  No matter if you have 12 months or 12 weeks, there is still a massive list of “To Do’s” for every new … Continued

Restaurant Layout

The layout of your restaurant affects your customers’ dining experiences.  It is important to work with contractors that are experienced in the specific restaurant build and design.  On top of that, you should visit some of your favorite venues and … Continued

Naming Your New Restaurant

There’s certainly an excitement in starting a new restaurant. What will you serve? What kind of ambience will your restaurant have?  Who will be your target audience – families, the young and hip, or gourmets and foodies? The fact is, … Continued