Category: Reducing Variable Costs

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Reducing Variable Overhead Costs

Your overhead costs are the costs that are not food or labor. They can include costs such as rent, utilities, linens, etc. There are some overhead costs that are not controllable. But since the restaurant business is such a low … Continued

Reducing Variable Food Costs

Food cost is the biggest cost of running a restaurant. It is also one of the most controllable expenses. How well you control your food cost determines how profitable your restaurant is. Most likely, you have a POS report for … Continued

Reducing Variable Labor Costs

Labor is the second biggest cost (after food cost) in the restaurant industry. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks out there to help you keep it in line. Hire flexible employees. Restaurant turnover is ridiculously high and training costs … Continued

Budgeting Variable Costs

In this series, we have outlined strategies to help you cut back on costs in order to squeeze more profit out of your revenue.  Let’s start with at the top budgeting. Every business has both fixed costs (uncontrollable) and variable … Continued