Human Resources

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Want better insight into your employee tracking? Need to see part time versus full time employees or who needs to renew their food handler certification? Want to see employees who work at multiple locations and ensure that they are being tracked correctly for overtime or labor compliance?

Meet Human Resources.

  • Simplify the maintenance of your business operations
  • View employees by location and activity
  • Track employee details and easily search by keyword or name
  • Manage employees who work across multiple locations
  • Export employee data to your payroll provider

“With Ctuit, we are saving time and money, and increasing productivity."
-Chris Knape, Marketing & Communications Director, BarFly Ventures

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Conserve the human resources of your HR department.

The Human Resources tools cut down on the time it takes to take care of administrative business tasks and activities for maximum efficiency.

View all employees at a glance or drill down for detailed employment information to help you manage employees at a single, or multiple restaurant locations.

Archive staffing notes and easily search for details needed for reviews, certifications, and more.

View and track employees who are fulltime or part time for ACA compliance.

Reduce the amount of time spent on administrative work by making your employee tracking more efficient.

  • Warehouse employee information across locations
  • Search comprehensive staffing entries by employee to evaluate performance
  • Search and manage employee hire dates, review dates, and other customizable employee data points
  • View employee Human Resources data reports or receive them directly to your inbox
  • Denote part-time employee status for ACA compliance
  • Track the expiration dates of food handler cards and meal break waiver status

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