Labor Optimization

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Want to optimize your labor and service? Need a better tool for insight and control in your restaurants? Want to decrease your hourly labor costs by 4-6%?

Meet Labor Optimization.

  • Optimize Labor to Optimize Service
  • Maximize profits and minimize labor using forecasting
  • Cut down on over and under scheduling
  • Optimize employee labor schedules while streamlining operations
  • Increase communication between management and staff

"We are seeing a reduction in our labor cost because we are scheduling much more accurately. When we are scheduling more accurately, we are saving money.”
-Adam Goldberg, Founder and CEO, Fresh Brothers

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An integrated suite of tools that provide deep insight for increasing restaurant efficiency and profitability

Labor Scheduling: Ensure optimal coverage for every shift and control costs with accurate detailed scheduling

Labor Compliance: Implement your company’s labor compliance policies and avoid costly penalties

Human Resources: Consolidate, store and manage all employee information, and track important details

Payroll Validation: Increase payroll efficiency by identifying potential errors before processing checks

Payroll Integration: Optimize labor process and payroll with a more accurate detailed integration process

  • Labor Scheduling
  • Labor Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll Validation
  • Payroll Integration

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