Labor Scheduling

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Want to control labor costs in your restaurant? Need a better employee scheduling solution? Want to communicate more effectively with your employees while providing manager transparency and efficiency?

Meet Labor Scheduling.

  • Build schedules that automatically alert you to overtime and penalty costs
  • Access advanced dashboards, reports and alerts that can be configured for your company’s needs
  • Maximize profits and minimize labor costs using forecasts to cut down on over and under scheduling
  • Delivery of posted schedules to employees’ smart phones, giving them the ability to request shift swaps and trades, to request time off, and to show availability
  • Monitor changes in labor costs or alerts such as overtime before accepting changes

"When we are scheduling more accurately, we are saving money.”
-Adam Goldberg, Founder and CEO, Fresh Brothers

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Ensure optimal labor coverage for every shift.

Control labor costs and drive profitability through intelligent scheduling and analysis of labor and sales data.

Managing labor has become infinitely more complex over the years. The RADAR Labor Scheduling module provides labor management tools that help to ensure that you are always operating at peak conditions.

Ctuit Schedules allows your employees to receive their schedule, to trade shifts, to update their availability, and to send messages to coworkers directly from their mobile device.

With notifications instantly flagging schedule and shift changes, employees stay informed while on the move, and managers get to spend less time taking formal requests and filling on forms.

And because your business needs are as unique as your restaurant, Ctuit Schedules is available in English, French and Spanish!

  • Delivery of the schedule to employees’ smart phone with the ability to add, drop, or swap shifts
  • Review scheduled vs. actual activity quickly using Gantt or Trend charts
  • Provides projected labor costs based on Forecasted or budgeted sales
  • Build weekly templates by job or work center to speed up scheduling
  • Utilize advanced overtime alerts, business intelligence charts, and reports to reduce labor costs
  • Manage employee time off requests

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