Save Money with a Waste Audit

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By Megan McIntyre, Marketing Manager

Have you ever looked in your restaurant’s dumpster? Not just a peek while holding your breath to see if it’s full, but a good, hard, pungent look all the way through? If not, you should.

I will tell you right now, this will not be glamorous and it will not smell great, but it will save you money.

When you do trudge through the garbage, you will likely find a lot of stuff that isn’t landfill in your dumpster, including compostable food waste and recyclable packaging. In fact, there is probably only 25-50% of stuff in your dumpster that is truly landfill. Without conducting a waste audit, there is no way of truly knowing what your potential cost savings are.

In the example below, 73% of solid waste can be diverted from landfill and reduce costs.


After you look for yourself, you will want to immediately begin separating out all recycling and diverting it to your existing recycling stream. Educate your employees about sustainable practices. Let them know the benefits of recycling including reducing costs and championing the environment. Add signage in break areas and near recycling/trash bins as an effective means of educating about recycling.

After conducting a waste audit, you can:

  • Save money by diverting recycling and food scrap compost to less expensive waste streams.
  • Save money by potentially reducing the size of your restaurant’s dumpster.

So grab some gloves and get in there.


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Megan McIntyre

Megan McIntyre

Megan has been with Ctuit since May 2011. She has a broad range of expertise in the hospitality industry with over 15 years of experience involving customer service, COGS, client relations, event coordination, marketing and promotions. Megan holds her MBA in Sustainable Business Enterprises from Dominican University of California.