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We help our customers manage their business with the best Business Intelligence in the industry. We give our customers the insights their above store management and store level managers need to cut costs, save time and increase profitability at their fingertips. But don’t stop there. POS Polling? We do it all day long. Our customers get forecasting, dashboards and analytics. Looking to manage COGS? Add our COGS module and see a significant reduction in food and beverage costs. Keep it going with our labor management which allows our customers to manage their labor and schedule all in one place -everything you need to create fiery hot schedules, check time and attendance – all inside your Ctuit software. It’s staff management on steroids. We got everything you need to increase your sales, optimize service and drive profitability. We are your partners. Exactly the way it should be.

We thought of everything so you didn’t have to. We are restaurant people and we get it. In the restaurant industry, people matter and time is precious. It’s all hands on deck, restaurant 365 days a year. When I work and when you work, it’s crunchtime all the time. Let’s do this.