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Manage Your Restaurant with Business Intelligence

Manager Log: A dynamic communication tool to manage daily restaurant activities

Payroll Integration: RADAR allows you to streamline and automate a wide range of accounting functions

Fraud Prevention: Protect your business from suspicious activity and maintain a safe and honest work environment

On The Fly™ Mobile App: Deliver real time data to your mobile device and increase the flexibility of your business management

Report Designer: Save time and money with the ability to write your own custom reports

Event Management: Ideal for organizing and managing all the details of any type of special event

Increase Sales and Drive Profits

Dashboards: Increase productivity with a customizable display of restaurant activities using an extensive library of charts, tables, and graphics

Benchmarking: Identify areas to increase sales with a comparative analysis of one or more restaurant’s key metrics to another similar group of “anonymous” locations

Forecasting: Scale growth using past sales and cost data to project the volume of business

Reporting: Increase profits with quick assessments and drilldowns of every aspect of your restaurant activities

Speed of Service: Ideal for quick service restaurants looking to streamline production from kitchen to finished plate

Staff Productivity: Identify opportunities with server sales trends and tanking analysis to get your staff selling more

Reduce Food and Beverage Costs

Recipe Costing: Control food and beverage costs using detailed costed recipes and insight into theoretical versus actual food costs

Food Costing: Quick Plate Cost solution using pre-calculated menu items to help manage food costs

Inventory: Streamline Inventory, monitor and track changes, and eliminate errors to better control food and beverage costs

Accounts Payable: Manage vendor invoice flow from a single location to enterprise

Prep Sheets & Ordering: Improve kitchen efficiency and profitability with RADAR’s auto-generating prep lists

Optimize Labor to Optimize Service

Labor Scheduling: Ensure optimal coverage for every shift and control costs with accurate detailed scheduling

Labor Compliance: Implement your company’s labor compliance policies and avoid costly penalties

Human Resources: Consolidate, store and manage all employee information, and track important details

Payroll Validation: Increase payroll efficiency by identifying potential errors before processing checks

Payroll Integration: Optimize labor process and payroll with a more accurate detailed integration process