Accounts Payable

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Want to eliminate timely data entry and associated errors into your accounting package? Is entering invoices taking up too much of your managers’ time that could be better spent on the floor? Want a real-time P&L statement that lets you be proactive instead of reactive?

Meet Accounts Payable.

  • Accounting integration that consolidates time and tasks
  • Export all AP activity directly into your accounting software
  • Summary and detailed reporting at the corporate and store level
  • Create purchase orders to create invoices
  • Archive paper invoices with invoice imaging

“The single biggest thing is that Ctuit allows us to look to the future while referencing the past. Knowledge is power.”
-Peter Lessing, Director of System Analytics, Lessings, Inc.

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Data entered into the Accounts Payable module not only consolidates your order and purchase history, but it also helps you more accurately predict future purchasing trends. Charts within the Accounts Payable module allow you to track trends for item prices and purchase trends by GL Code or Vendor. Additionally, charts can be used to monitor GL Code and invoice breakdowns, allowing you to view detailed information that can affect cost savings.

Automatically import or enter invoices and expenses and export directly into your accounting package to then see your working P&L. Plus the cloud-based data allows all necessary departments to access the data anytime, anywhere allowing informed decisions at both the store and corporate level.

Accounts Payable and General Ledger Sales connect with your accounting software to monitor daily purchases, profits, and losses. Not to mention, you can save time and eliminate manual entry errors with EDI integrations and archive paper invoices by taking a picture with your mobile device.

  • Customizable data exports to move your consolidated accounting data to third party accounting software packages
  • Import invoices via Electronic Data Interface (EDI) from supported vendors
  • Define rules to automatically map Point of Sale data to GL Codes and create a real-time P&L
  • Vendors and Items can be tied into the Inventory module for item and Recipe Costing
  • Enter invoices at the restaurant or corporate office using secure and easy web-based software
  • Manage vendor information, assign and split invoice costs across restaurants

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