Need an easier way to check all of your restaurant’s Sales, Labor, Costs and more quickly and easily? Want to configure data to let each team see the metrics that are most important to their success? Need to see your high level data at a glance to identify outliers and trends?

Meet Dashboards.

  • See your business as it’s happening
  • Visually gauge performance across locations
  • Configurable for different users to best meet the team's needs
  • Drill down capabilities for further insight
  • View key metrics at a glance from the convenience of your phone or computer

“The customizable dashboard allows us to see our key business drivers real-time, informing and teaching our managers to be strong operators and leaders. "
-Eric Martino, COO, Beefsteak

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Fully customize how you monitor your restaurant.

Dashboards are fully configurable to display restaurant data for effective executive and managerial oversight.

This tool provides a quick company snapshot of whatever metrics are most valuable to your restaurant organization. These can be configured for different groups of users, such as managers, accounting, owners and more.

Drill down into datapoints for additional insight or look at a glance from your phone or computer to see trends and outliers.

Get all of your restaurant data with dashboards, your one stop shop for data at a glance!

  • View sales, comps, promos, labor, and other key performance indicators at a glance
  • Quickly identify data outliers to identify and react to negative trends
  • Drill down into data for additional transparency and insight
  • Make informed decisions based on up-to-date data collected from your POS
  • Visually gauge performance across locations
  • Configure dashboards to create a snapshot to align with the different informational priorities of users

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