Want to know where your waste is going or if your food costing is accurate? Do you want to increase your restaurant’s profitability by implementing a transparent and intuitive food costing program?

Meet Food Costing.

  • Simplify food costing for increased profitability
  • View current and historical cost for any menu item
  • Compare the price of the item to the cost of the recipe to view margins and make adjustments
  • Efficiently manage your recipes and track actual vs. theoretical data and ingredient price fluctuations
  • Create an online recipe books for accurate theoretical vs. ideal costs

"We do not want the cost of spoilage or waste to be passed onto our guests, so we have to be smart and aware on the operations side to keep our quality high and our costs in-line."
-Eric Martino, COO, Beefsteak

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Menu engineering that saves dollars and makes sense.

The Food Costing tools quickly calculate food costs entered at the point of sale across multiple locations to enable cost-effective menu design.

Successfully managing food costs can be a tremendous challenge. As a restaurant operator, if you can’t analyze and quantify your costs — whether for a single site, multiple locations, or at the corporate level— you risk negatively impacting profit margins.

RADAR’s Recipes module offers your restaurant(s) a web-based recipe management solution that provides detailed insight into theoretical vs. actual food costs and how they impact the bottom line.

With seamless access to a consolidated online database containing all recipe ingredients fully integrated with food costs (as driven by purchases through RADAR’s Accounts Payable module), the Recipes module ensures both consistent food quality and comprehensive cost management throughout your entire operation.

  • Calculate the margin, average cost, and cost percentage and determine if items need to be repriced
  • Research historical food costs to find food costing errors and cost increases/decreases
  • Compare locations against each other at the item level
  • Quickly upload food cost data for a faster and easier food costing process
  • Make menu decisions like re-price, re-plate, retain, or re-think based on velocity and food cost data
  • Profit from menu items by analyzing customer demand, sales, and margins

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