Are you guessing at your daily sales and missing the mark with ordering and scheduling? Want to increase your profits and streamline your daily costs? Need better insight into your historical data?

Meet Forecasting.

  • Monitor ups and downs to avoid under/overs
  • Reduce mistakes by reducing guesswork
  • Eliminate over and under prepping and staffing
  • Increase accuracy of daily operational metrics
  • Show historical trends to increase performance

“Through the forecasting module, we are seeing a reduction in our labor cost because we are scheduling much more accurately."
-Adam Goldberg, Founder and CEO, Fresh Brothers

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See your trends to get the most accurate picture of the future.

Forecasts guide profitable decision-making based on operational benchmarks that accelerate the growth of your business.

Take the guess work out of planning, so you can prep and staff your restaurant appropriately to get better margins in your restaurant.

Show trends, outliers, and other metrics to drive profitable real-time decision making visible through all levels of your restaurant.

Deliver restaurant performance that exceeds expectations with Forecasting.

  • Predict short-term operational metrics for upcoming periods
  • Show historic trends and data exceptions to forecast with increased reliability
  • View trends of forecast compared to actual data to improve accuracy of budgets
  • When used in conjunction with Labor Scheduling, a projected labor cost is calculated
  • Utilize projected sales metrics to manage Prep Sheets to reduce costs
  • Ensure that inventory is always available and minimize the possibility of waste

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