Fraud Prevention

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Worried about theft in your restaurant? Can’t tell if activity is suspicious or legitimate? Need tools to help gain insight into your restaurant’s activities?

Meet Fraud Prevention.

  • Dashboard widgets show alerts, server activity and monitor comps
  • Email alerts notify managers of unusual activity
  • Reports provide insight down to check level detail
  • Look at specific trends by employee or manager
  • View graphs of comps, promos or voids for high level analysis

“By getting the tools to lend deeper insight into our business, SusieCakes can’t help but to operate better.”
-Houston Striggow, Co-Founder and Owner of SusieCakes

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Maximize the transparency of your restaurant to expose fraud

Ctuit’s fraud prevention tools detect suspicious activity, identify questionable gratuities, and display itemized transaction detail on guest checks to foster a safe and honest work environment.

If you feel that you are losing money or inventory and cannot figure out why, theft could be the issue.  There are many ways that employees can steal from your restaurant, and it results in more than financial loss. Theft also abuses a trusted relationship, damages morale, and is highly likely to spread among employees.

The bad news is that there is no “magic bullet” to prevent theft; every restaurant will have a weakness. The good news, however, is that theft usually leaves a trail. Use reports, alerts, charts and other tools to investigate suspicious server, bartender and other suspicious staff activity.

  • Configure alerts via On The Fly™ or email for a variety of suspicious activity
  • Easily spot large gratuity amounts
  • Use Check Explorer to see transaction level detail on a guest check
  • Monitor and investigate comp, promo, and void activity
  • Increase visibility into suspicious patterns
  • Hold managers and employees accountable by tracking trends

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