Are you spending too much time taking inventory and still not getting a clear picture of your restaurant’s operations? Losing money on cost of goods sold but not sure where or how? Want a more transparent, painless way to track inventory costs and quantities?

Meet Inventory.

  • View inventory levels with complete transparency
  • Accurate “shelf-to-sheet” inventory recording
  • Drill down and track item performance throughout company locations
  • Use comprehensive reports and charts to make educated purchasing decisions and sale price adjustments
  • Enter inventory from your smartphone or tablet

"With the inventory system, we can consolidate and compare data across the restaurant group as a whole."
-Peter Lessing, Director of System Analytics, Lessings, Inc.

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Keep track of items from the moment they arrive and begin to move through your business. In-depth inventory reports provide a variety of cost, waste, fraud detection, and ordering insights. Use reports to examine cost variance down to the item level and make educated purchasing decisions with the help of historic data.

The Inventory Module was created to help you manage one of the most difficult elements of the restaurant business. Typically, a time-consuming process, inventory can be difficult to streamline. This tool provides access to features that help monitor and track changes – helping users eliminate errors and cut down on costly mistakes that can affect the bottom line.

To help preserve data integrity, items are paired with specified storage sites customized for each location, allowing employees to implement “shelf-to-sheet” recording. Aimed to cut down on human error, this simplified inventory taking method enables employees to count stock in multiple ways including individual items, cases, and pack sizes. Traditional inventory sheets can be printed, or a user can directly input inventory data into RADAR with a mobile device using RADAR’s mobile app, On The Fly™.

  • Print inventory sheets or use a mobile device to take restaurant inventory
  • Compare restaurant inventory item prices paid across multiple locations
  • Configurable storage locations allow you to set up your inventory to match your restaurant's layout
  • Tools and Reports for a variety of cost, waste, fraud detection, and ordering purposes
  • Set alert limits on items for easy price monitoring
  • Combine with the Recipe Costing module to cost out recipes and compare sales price margins

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