Need a timely, transparent, easy to use communication tool for your restaurant or even across stores? Want to increase manager accountability? Tired of flipping through notes to find the data you are looking for? Need an easy way to track staff notes for employee reviews?

Meet Manager Log.

  • Enter shift notes and other daily log entries
  • Send messages and view sales figures
  • Assign tasks for yourself or other users
  • Create events to review at a glance or link to the Event Management Module
  • Record staff notes linked to the Employee Data Module for tracking

“The Manager Log and comprehensive reporting provided by Ctuit allows us to identify any potential problems before they arise, saving us immeasurable time and money.”
-Bob Simpson, Director of Training, Black Bear Diner

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A faster, easier way to manage your restaurant.

The Manager Log is a digital upgrade from a traditional manager’s log that streamlines how you assign tasks, track staffing activity, record events, run reports, and send messages and reminders to multiple locations.

This all-in-one online, easy to manage, internal communications tool can increase accountability and transparency for your restaurants while reducing paperwork.

Managers can now enter and check shift notes, events, to-do lists, daily activities and other vital restaurant communications from their mobile device or any computer.

  • Location specific view of that day’s weather, sales metrics, and manager notes
  • Incident flagging that can be tied to email alerts
  • Fully integrates with the Event Management module for event notification
  • Assign tasks, track staffing activity, and record events or reservations
  • Remotely view Manager Log entries from your mobile device using On The Fly™
  • Run reports on a variety of information added by managers including a daily manager’s log email report

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