On The Fly™ Mobile App

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Need to get your managers out of the back office and onto the floor? Tired of your restaurants using outdated technology? Want an easier, more effective way to manage your restaurant?

Meet On The Fly™ Mobile App.

  • Keep your managers on the floor and out of the back office with On The Fly™
  • Take inventory from the palm of your hand
  • Build and adjust schedules with ease
  • Communicate with your employees and enter notes in the Manager Log
  • Monitor sales, labor and shift change data from anywhere

“There is no reason for our managers to be in the office during a shift now that we are using the mobile app. Almost everything they did back there before can now be done with On The Fly.”
-Kyle Kreis, Operations Analyst, Urban Plates

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Manage your business with access to your data anytime, anywhere

On The Fly™ is Ctuit’s mobile app that delivers the crucial data you need to make instantly informed decisions that delivers your restaurant’s critical data to your phone or tablet to track trends, spot opportunities, and make decisions based on relevant, actionable information.

Enter notes to the manager log from your phone or take inventory directly to your device. Quickly see sales down to the check level detail or pmix trends for a large time frame. View labor costs and percentages or view employees on the clock who are currently approaching overtime to better manage labor costs.

With On The Fly™ your managers have the data they need to make informed decisions and better manage your restaurant all conveniently accessible from their smartphone or tablet.

And because your restaurant’s needs are as unique as your restaurant, On The Fly™ is available in English, Spanish and French!



  • Receive alerts and investigate comp, promo, and void activity
  • Use in conjunction with our Inventory module and enter counts directly into a smartphone or tablet
  • Edit and post Schedules directly from your phone or tablet
  • View real time data with Intraday Polling for more actionable business decisions
  • Communicate with your team through the Manager Log to make log entries, notes, and see task details
  • View multiple locations at once and compare information to yield valuable insight

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