Recipe Costing

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Need better insight and control for your restaurant recipes? Want to see theoretical compared to ideal recipe costs at a glance? Need a web based solution that can be accessed from anywhere complete with instructions and pictures for consistency across locations?

Meet Recipe Costing.

  • Cook up recipes that only taste expensive
  • Generate detailed management reports to better manage food margins and analyze sales of successful menu items.
  • Incorporate photos, quality control points, serviceware, and specifications into your recipes to help your staff maximize kitchen efficiency and quality standards
  • Gain insight into theoretical vs. actual food costs and how they impact the bottom line
  • Profit from menu items by analyzing customer demand, sales, and margins

“The ROI with these cost basis improvements, as well as other General and Administrative savings gained by implementing Ctuit was over 2.5%.”
-Alex Birnbaum, Vice President Information Technology, Craftworks Restaurants

Real Customers. Real Results.

Every Ingredient You Ever Wanted

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Infuse value into every recipe your restaurant serves.

Recipe Costing drills down the cost of recipes to the ingredient level to manage margins, reduce waste, and analyze sales with precision.

RADAR’s Recipes module offers your restaurant a web-based recipe management solution that provides detailed insight into theoretical vs. actual food costs and how they impact the bottom line.

Efficiently manage your recipes and track actual vs. theoretical data and ingredient price fluctuations.

With seamless access to a consolidated online database containing all recipe ingredients fully integrated with food costs, the Recipes module ensures both consistent food quality and comprehensive cost management throughout your entire operation.

Make your bottom line as tasty as the dishes you serve!

  • Track and map nutritional details of ingredients and recipes to help monitor compliance with FDA nutrition reporting requirements
  • Tools and Reports to manage margins and analyze sales
  • Create “prep” recipes that can be inventoried, included in recipes, and used to calculate Prep Sheets
  • Group recipes into books, upload photos, and create printable recipe books
  • Drill down recipe costing view to the prep recipe and ingredient cost breakdown
  • Run a variety of reports on theoretical usage and recipe costing

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