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Do you need a custom report built for your restaurant but don’t want to outsource the work? Have programmers on staff who can write T-SQL statements and have knowledge of the VB.NET programming language or C# programming language?

Meet Report Designer.

  • Build personalized reports to serve your needs.
  • Build data exports to populate other tools or databases for analysis by 3rd party programs, like Excel or SQL Server.
  • Reduce the cost of custom reports.
  • Directly publish reports to your company.
  • Decrease turn-around time for custom generated reporting.

"RADAR goes beyond just a reporting tool, it goes along with how restaurant operators think."
-Steve Zappacosta, Corporate Director of Food and Beverage, JACK Entertainment

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Cost-effective, time-efficient reporting

The Enterprise Report Designer is a uniquely flexible tool for your organization’s programmers to create and publish fully custom-built reports to your organization.

The Enterprise Report Designer (ERD) is built for users who want more control over custom reporting. The ERD is a cost-efficient tool that allows you to use your own on-staff programmers to build and publish reports to RADAR.

By utilizing the ERD to create Custom reports, you are able to fully modify and adjust how custom reports look and function. Not only can you adjust the manner in which data is reported, but you can also easily incorporate branding and personalized formatting.

  • Complete control over own custom or ad hoc reporting needs
  • Decrease turn-around time
  • Recreate Excel spreadsheets
  • Reduce costs for custom created reports
  • Publish reports back to users, just like any other RADAR report
  • Build data exports to populate another tool or database for analysis by 3rd party programs

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