Staff Productivity

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Want to know who your all-star team members are? Need to see who has room for growth and coaching opportunities? Want to see how to better up-sell and train staff while keeping managers on the floor?

Meet Staff Productivity.

  • Labor performance that improves profits
  • Drill down into data for additional transparency and insight
  • Make informed decisions and track trends based on performance
  • Gage performance across locations and employees
  • Gain insight into server sales, trends, and rankings

“With the ability to consolidate all of our data in one cloud-based location that can be viewed anywhere, we are able to better understand and therefore control operations as we grow.”
-Richard Long, Director of IT at Pieology

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An efficient solution to develop effective service.

Identify opportunities with sales trends and rankings analysis to get your staff selling more.

Increase your sales by increasing insight into your server performance or help prevent Fraud in your restaurant.

Take a detailed look at individual server performance, trends and opportunities through Reporting or gain insight at a glance through Dashboards.

View performance indicators and trends when managing and scheduling employees to ensure you get the most value from your team.

  • View critical information related to employee sales, labor, and productivity
  • Improve visibility using On The Fly™ to see same day server sales per table on your smart phone or mobile device
  • Increase employee margins through incentive programs and sales contests
  • Gain insight into server sales, trends, and rankings
  • Track credit card tip percentages by employee through widgets, alerts, reports, and tools
  • Evaluate server efficiency by analyzing the amount of time that servers spend on the clock without open tables

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