Payroll Validation

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Want to prevent costly payroll errors before you cut checks? Need a way to eliminate manual errors from the employees and managers? Want a system that increases accountability and prevents costly mistakes?

Meet Payroll Validation.

  • Identify potential errors in employee paychecks before they’re processed
  • Save time and money by catching errors in employee pay checks before they are issued
  • Validate payroll by location and configure to meet your needs on a state-by-state basis
  • Easily identify and track special pay infractions, overlapping time records, pay rate changes, and much more
  • Know your strengths to resolve inefficiencies

“Turns out that by checking that report on Ctuit I saved over $1,500.00 in possible overpayments to staff.”
-Andrew Fritz, CEO & Partner For In Good Spirits

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Reduce the risk of costly penalties.

Payroll Validation is designed to help identify potential errors in employee paychecks before they’re processed can save time and money.

RADAR’s Payroll Validation module is designed to help you identify potential mistakes with employee pay checks before they are processed.

This highly configurable module allows for the customization of validation rules that will allow you to save time, money, and ensure your pay period labor numbers are correct.

The Payroll Validation module allows you to set up one or more rule sets by which a location’s payroll will be validated. These rule sets aggregate multiple rules that allow you to monitor missing employee information, minimum wage, shift length, and consecutive days worked as well as special pay and unprocessed meal break waivers.

  • Avoid spending unnecessary time investigating and reissuing paychecks
  • Save money by catching errors in employee paychecks before they are issued
  • Ensure historical labor figures in RADAR are correct
  • Lock payroll on a location-by-location basis so that no further changes are imported
  • Works in conjunction with Labor Compliance to ensure that penalties are identified
  • Increase confidence in payroll integrity

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