The Plant Cafe Organic – Success Story

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“Ctuit is our Google. Ctuit lets us know what our business is, anytime, anyplace. We could not run our business without Ctuit.”

– Mark Lewis, Founder and CEO of The Plant Café

Business Challenges

After opening just one location, the technology-savvy owners knew they needed to quickly graduate from timely and inefficient Excel spreadsheets to a web-based business intelligence solution. In June 2009, when planning for their second location, Management realized they needed access to more information on a timely basis.

The Solution

The Plant chose Ctuit RADAR as their web-based Business Intelligence solution to streamline operations, cut labor costs and track sales on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. The Plant selected Ctuit for its intuitive nature and configurable modules that provided the growing chain with all of the information they needed, formatted in a way that made sense to their team. The results of using Ctuit Software were clear from implementation day, where they could identify issues with labor, costs or payroll in an automated and streamlined manner.

The Results

  • Due to the robust data provided by Ctuit, The Plant has reduced administrative costs, saved on payroll as well as payroll processing expenses.
  • The ability to push information out to the Managers in the field through Ctuit’s Manager Log gives The Plant a reliable and effective place to communicate to all stores and levels of management.
  • The search capability on the Manager Log gives Management insight and control into their day-to-day operations. Daily entries on the Manager Log provide continuity, awareness and notifications so that there are no issues or questions on food quality, customer complaints, tardiness, etc.
  • Positive Yelp reviews and Management kudos also get posted on this invaluable communication tool. Also, it is very helpful with staff appraisals and reviews.
  • Ctuit’s Key Info module allows management to execute and manage targeted labor thresholds and monitor variances effectively and quickly.
  • Administrative time spent on payroll has been cut dramatically with better insight into overtime and forgotten clock-outs by employees.
  • Event Management is made simple with Ctuit as all users can see daily events and functions and The Plant can effectively manage people, time and client expectations.
  • On The Fly™,Ctuit’s mobile app, gives The Plant reassurance and flexibility to manage from any time and any place whilst having a web based tool to enhance their decision process.